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"..helping people express themselves through their songwriting!"



NSI is a local voluntary not-for-profit organisation (with global aspirations) who successfully
promote singer songwriters and the art of songwriting. We have a large active membership
writing & performing their own songs in the Nottingham area. We provide local entertainment, create opportunities, encourage a community of singer songwriters, develop individuals, and foster local talent establishing a suitable environment in which to harness the potential synergies within the singer songwriting community.

Established in 1999, NSI has developed a highly acclaimed presence on the World Wide
Web, helped & encouraged over 40 singer songwriters in the Nottingham area, and
participated in 36 events, which includes organising & promoting 13 singer songwriter
showcase concerts, 12 public access meetings, and 5 singer songwriter open mic nights.

Now in our 3rd year, with the experience we have acquired, & the overwhelmingly positive
feedback we have received, we have identified a need to consolidate our present operation & expand our current activities to include;

1- enhancing the good reputation of Nottingham, England, UK, - & the singer songwriters who perform there.
attracting more world class singer songwriters to perform in Nottingham, England, UK.
attracting increased membership to NSI.
promoting local singer songwriters nationally (& internationally) as well as locally.
5- raising public awareness of local, national, & international issues which affect singer songwriters & local events which feature their performances.
6- building stronger links with local, national, & international media.
7- improving & expanding the NSI online resource & platform facilities for singer songwriters.
8- acquiring funds from local, national & international sponsors in order to achieve these objectives.

NSI was set-up & run on a purely voluntary basis but, with the increased success of the
venture, it now requires a more formal & sustained administration. Consequently £18,000
is required to part-fund the administration & management of NSI over the next 3 years,
and a further £12,000 is needed to facilitate the expansion of our current operations.

We are approaching successful businesses, prominent individuals and organisations
within relevant industries, and large employers in the Nottingham area as well as all the obvious funding bodies. We very much hope you will consider helping us, in some way.

Any offer of help will be gratefully considered.

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