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"..building a future for Nottingham"



Invest in NSI because songwriting is important. Although often undervalued, it can reach us all in some way & singer / songwriters continue to make positive contributions to society & the communities we live in;

Health - Songwriting can be a creative & therapeutic pastime which alleviates stress, boredom & depression. Many people believe they want to write a song but are frustrated because they aren’t sure where to start. Who can they ask? ....NSI!
Education - Adult education can teach you just about everything, but have you ever seen a songwriting course? Where can beginners, established, & aspiring singer / songwriters find help, advice & encouragement? ....NSI!
Art for all - Songwriting is by far the most popular & accessible art form. Many people have affordable access (via recording & broadcast media) to their favourite songs although they may not be aware of the songwriter/s who wrote them. Who alone in Nottingham specifically promotes these local talented artists & actively invites & encourages other local people to become involved? ....NSI!
Domestic & street violence - Along with other art forms, songwriting not only provides a creative means of self-expression & a positive method of communicating ones innermost feelings, but also allows a sense of fulfillment & personal achievement enabling people to channel their negative emotions (e.g. their anger & frustrations) into a more appropriate & socially acceptable activities. Who actively encourages local people to appreciate & participate in this art form? ....NSI!
Crime reduction - ‘The devil makes work for idle hands’ & many young offenders find purpose, recognition, & redemption in songwriting (e.g. Noel Gallagher of OASIS). Who provides positive encouragement for talent like that in Nottingham? ....NSI!
Local economy - At one point in our national history Liverpudlian songwriters Lennon & McCartney were among the UKs biggest exports & went onto make Liverpool an international tourist attraction. Who provides positive encouragement for talent like that in Nottingham? ....NSI!
Unemployment - In an atmosphere of world recession, market downturns & widespread redundancies many people have turned their hobbies into thriving small businesses. Who could advise, support, & encourage talented local songwriters with similar ambitions?  ....NSI!
Community spirit - Singer / songwriters can write songs that express communal feelings & reflect the attitudes & values of a community, drawing people together. Whether you are a disadvantaged young adult or a lonely pensioner, we all have times when we need to find something we can identify with. Sometimes a song can satisfy that need & raise our spirits.
Who in Nottingham encourages those songs to be written? ....NSI!
Heritage - Since before radio, television & the internet, for centuries songwriters have used songs to heal, celebrate, ridicule, record, & satirise personal, communal, & national events. Who, in Nottingham, encourages new songwriters? ....NSI!
Human spirit - Most people have a favourite song that brings back memories, raises their spirits, & revives their will to live. Some people have , while in long-term comas,even been restored to conciousness & full health by hearing their favourite song. Who in Nottingham encourages those songs to be written? ....NSI!
Democracy & freedom of speech - Thriving songwriting communities are evidence of a true democratic society. Successive repressive regimes throughout the world have attempted to ban songwriters (e.g. Nazis & the Taliban). Who, in Nottingham, encourages new songwriters? ....NSI!
Local entertainment - In local clubs local DJs play other peoples songs. In local pubs & open mic nights local musicians perform other peoples songs. At local karaoke nights local singers sing other peoples songs. Who encourages local singer / songwriters to perform their own songs & provides them with the opportunity to do so in front of a local audience?
Local talent - Who helps, supports, encourages, & promotes new, established & aspiring singer / songwriters in Nottingham? ....NSI!
International recognition - Who currently promotes Nottingham singer / songwriters worldwide through the internet? Who intends to organise & promote National & International Tours for Nottingham singer / songwriters? Who plans to produce a compilation CD of solo performances by local singer / songwriters of their own original songs which will be given away free & used to promote local singer / songwriters? ....Nottingham Songwriters International

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