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nottingham songwriters international compilation CD Vol.1

A compilation CD of artists who have performed at nsi singer/songwriter events is in the process of being produced. This CD will be used to promote the aims & activities of nsi & made exclusively available to nsi members. Any non-members wishing to obtain a copy should 'click here'. Anyone who would like to perform at a future nsi showcase concert should check out the 'send demos' page for details of how to & where to submit demos or just turn up at the next open mic event.

nsi singer/songwriter compilation CDs

each compilation CD (when complete & funds permitting) will be available free to all current nsi members. these commemorative compilations will be available to promote the nsi showcase concerts and provide those unable to attend the opportunity to see and hear an impression of these successful events. All performers will be invited to contribute a recording of a solo performance of one of their songs (on digital CD format) to be included on the album. They will also be encouraged to contribute other promotional material (e.g. text, photos, logos etc.) for which they retain the copyright. These contributions, as well as being featured on the nsi website, will be used to publicise the CDs which will be used to celebrate the success of nsi singer/songwriter showcase concerts, promoting nsi and future nsi events, encouraging even more people to attend and take part. This project will also be used to promote the singer/songwriters involved as well as the art of songwriting.


up to date news of this project will be published on the 'latest' page.

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