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Ben Davis

Tee Dymond -

Tee Dymond is a singer/songwriter that has risen from the murky depths of the 'good old days' at Nottingham's local open mic nights and is now a regular at venues all around town. Her powerful lyrics and honest performances mean that she often gets compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco and Alanis Morissette. However, her music ensures that her appeal is far-stretching and the diversity of venues she plays shows her adaptability. Having supported a variety of bands, headlined her own gigs and frequented the darkest, dingiest of drinking holes, past gigs include 'The Old Vic', 'The Playhouse', 'The Social', 'The Royal Concert Hall', and a crowning moment on the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury 2000.

2001 saw her broaden her fanbase even further afield, having spent a month in Canada.
'Tee dymond's performances are an intimate affair. Any audience is left spellbound by her beautiful melodies and soul searching tales of love and life. There are no comparisons to Tee Dymond, she truly is a musical one off.' - James Altman (CUF).
'The live performance really is something special. Musically tight, and with a passion in her performance that demands your attention it is impossible to not enjoy the set, no matter where your musical tastes lie.' - Michael Vinegrad (Touch Nottingham).

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