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Dave Edwards
Dave played his first nsi event on weds 21st March 2001 & performed his first nsi showcase concert on weds 1st August 2001.

Dave Everitt - 'Storm Thieves' & 'Loscoe State Opera'
Dave Everitt is a singer / songwriter who plays with Storm Thieves & "raggle taggle folk-punk" band Loscoe State Opera - tipped to be 'a festival favourite' by amongst others the world music publication 'Froots' who raved about their album 'Dawnbird'. Dave performed his first major solo gig at the nsi singer songwriter showcase concert on weds 16th February 2000. He has also played experimental with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as being double-bassist in The Rain Garden with Chris Conway. 
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Singer / Songwriter Jess, daughter of Dave Everitt (LSO, Storm Thieves) has been creating songs since 1993. Influenced by female songwriters such as Tori Amos and Sheryl Crow, her music is contemplative, but packed with emotion. Live, her acoustic, finger-picked guitar teamed with her powerful voice makes for an introspective performance. In the studio, a range of instruments and harmonies create an alternative sound for each song, emphasising individual lyrics. Jess was 21 years old when she performed her 1st nsi showcase concert on Weds 7th June 2000.

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