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Kev Fisher - 'Colourstream' 
Kev Fisher has been in and around the midlands music scene for over 10 years. He played guitar in Indie band Starstream before turning semipro as rhythm guitarist with a covers band that was sometimes known as Shree. Kevs's own band Colourstream "kind of indie-folk-rock" always pulled a good crowd while giving him a platform for his songs, but its probably for his role as bassman with Loscoe State Opera that most people would now know him. Kev performed his first solo gig at the nsi singer songwriter showcase concert on weds 7th February 2001, at which his upbeat toe-tapping songs gained him new fans & earned him much praise.

Hetty Fitz
"Songs for me are things come and go, flash out of nowhere, cook for years, but they refuse to go away 'til they get played out. Some are years old and some newer, very important & special and still very small and ordinary. They just have to be played out and need the ears of an audience to give them life. I hope they give you something for yourselves."- Hetty
Hetty performed her first nsi showcase concert on weds 4th April 2001

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