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Chris Jackson

Linda Jennings - 'Electric landlady'
'Electric landlady' aka Linda / Rita Jennings, who studied music at Clarendon College, & BA hons in popular music at Salford Uni, has extensive live performance experience performing with 'Magic Roundabout', 'Your ticket explained', 'Jumble Sale', alongside 'Ozric Tentacles', 'Spaceman 3', & 'The Blue Aeroplanes' as well as other more popular indie bands. She currently performs solo as well as with her duo 'Electric Landlady'. Her influences include Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, Frank Zappa, & Elvis Costello and her songwriting has already gained her some well deserved recognition. She has performed solo at two nsi singer songwriter showcase concerts and won many new fans with her spellbinding finale which was a sublime vocal perfomance of her song 'Alabama' accompanied by a rhythm played on one note of her guitar. Her first nsi showcase concert was on weds 7th June 2000.


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