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John Perkins
John played his first nsi event on weds 26th September 2001.

Parker Airspace

Parker Airspace performed his first nsi event on weds 23rd May 2001

Joe Parratt - "the man from earth", "aWful rackEt", "Joe Beagle", "The Beagles", "champion the underdog", "no-one", "Joey Parratt", "The Flying Brix", "Mick".

Joe, a founder member of nsi, is an award-winning songwriter who has performed his own songs on local & national TV & radio, as well as at many festivals, gigs & parties. He won the first British National Songsearch Competition, judged by Sir Melvyn Bragg, Victoria Wood, & Jake Thackray with his song 'home is where the heartbreak is' which he performed live at the finals which were held at the kendal folk festival, Cumbria, UK'. A video of his song 'oh no, here come the goodguys,again!' was included in the music documentary 'Barry Island Rock' and featured on S4C & Channel 4 UK. The BBC produced a video of his song 'et tu brute' which was broadcast nationwide. His song 'up & alive' was included on the anti-racist compilation 'NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!', and his song 'I've turned into a fish!' was broadcast live on Channel 4, UK. He is currently performing his songs live with his band 'aWful rackEt' & solo as 'the man from earth'. check out his website

Rog Patterson

Mark Paulson - "Rough Music"
Mark, a founder member of nsi will be performing at future nsi singer / songwriter showcase concerts, ensemble gigs (with his band Rough Music) and solo on both the UK & International tours. Mark performed his first nsi showcase concert on weds 6th October 1999.


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