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Sonali Shah

Although I have been writing poetry since junior school, I started writing songs in 1995, after attending a residential music course which taught me how to combine my passion for music and love for writing poetry. My main inspirations are Tracey Chapman, Natalie Merchant, Alanis Morrisett and All About Eve. However I have written songs for music theatre performances such as A Midsummer Nights Dream and The Knights of the Round Table. I also have written a song for a ladies church choir, on request. My songs have been performed at several informal concerts by several friends, who are also talented musicians. I have also produced an album of 6 songs written by myself and sung by Shirley Novak. My main strength is writing songs for other musicians to play and perform, or just writing lyrics for others to set music to. However it is important to get the right kind of voice. Most of my songs have been written for the female voice, although a couple do work well with a male vocalist. So if anyone wants to team up, just let me know.

Due to Sonali's special circumstances which result in her being unable to perform her own songs, NSI invites solo performers (not necessarily singer songwriters) to submit their solo performances of Sonali's songs for inclusion on forthcoming NSI compilation CDs. NSI will also consider favourably any solo performers (not necessarily singer songwriters) who wish to perform Sonali's songs live at forthcoming NSI singer songwriter showcase concerts. Please contact Sonali..

Jamestown Songs

Barry Shaw -

Barry played at his first nsi event on weds 21st March 2001 & performed his first nsi showcase concert on tuesday 5th feb 2002. Barry was born in 1964 and has been writing songs since 1973, although he is still actively writing songs today. The songs, either sung unaccaompanied or with keyboard are sometimes intense and passionate, sometimes dry and satirical. The influences are too numerous to mention. He has performed at Framptons Bar Bistro several times, and can usually be found at the White Cow Folk Club Ilkeston on Wednesday nights.

Aaron Short - 

Aaron, whose influences include Tom Waits, Elvis Costello & Elton John, has been playing piano since the age of seven, and has been playing the guitar as well as writing and performing his own songs since the age of fourteen . Aaron, who played his first nsi showcase concert on weds 4th April 2001, has also been the headline artist on BBC Radio's Children In Need programme & The Mark Murphy Show. He performs and writes in the jazz genre & his 1st commercial e.p. 'Isn't It Funny' which features 'well-crafted songs & accomplished musicianship' and has received critical acclaim is available online - check out his website

Single Bass 
'armed with just a bass guitar and her voice she produces a whole range of musical emotions via lucid lyrics and astoundingly articulate basslines' - 'an exceptionally gifted songwriter' - 'wonderfully simple bass and a golden voice' - Single Bass (aka M.C. Jennifer) who is an exceptional songwriter, an experienced and unique performer, as well as being an excellent ambassador for nsi in her capacity as MC at nsi singer songwriter showcase concerts for over 2 years. She was a founder member of nsi & provided the nsi showcase concerts with personality, professionalism & continuity, as well as providing us all with these added opportunities to hear her perform some of her outstanding and much acclaimed songs live. Jennifer headlined the very first nsi showcase concert on weds 6th October 1999. Her widely acclaimed debut album 'Be Your Friend' is available online
- check out her website

Roy Stone - 'Performance'

Roy Stone has been writing and singing his own songs for well over ten years now, achieving some success. 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning', released by PERFORMANCE (his band) sold out within weeks, and 'Flight 21' can be heard on the soundtrack and big screen version of British movie Human Traffic. His performances as a live vocalist are very well appreciated on the local circuit, gaining best duo accolade in City Lights for his colloborative efforts with various acoustic guitarists, in this guise as KINKY AFRO. His full band PERFORMANCE still fill the venues of the East Midlands without exception every week. His smooth, highly melodic vocal style and cool raw good looks keep 'em coming back for more. History was made when Roy performed his 1st solo concert at the NSI showcase concert on tues 5th February 2002.

Check out his web site -

Joe Strange
Joe played his first nsi showcase concert on weds 4th October 2000.

Check out his web site -

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