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Andy Victor

Andy performed at his first nsi event on weds 23rd May 2001

Warren Volume
Warren performed his first nsi showcase concert on weds 9th August 2000....
Journeying from Gabadon to Blakeworld, Warren Volume, purveyor of sound and silly ideas unexpectedly extracted a short history of Bip Band Blake and it's successors (henceforth known as The Bipco), and presented this as a solo venture for no reason whatsoever, thus continuing the founding principle of Blake, and indeed, of Bip. While the fourth incarnation waits to follow the all but invisible trail of the departed Wiggly Spigot and Mu e Rad Nits 9, and Rudolph Waarlitzer is nowhere to be seen, Warren Volume similarly awaits an opportunity for yet another entirely gratuitous name-change, and the opportunity to foist this upon the public for their edification and enlightenment (or not). Some entertainment, but little, if any enlightenment may be found at:

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