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Paul Walker

Paul started playing guitar & bought himself out of the RAF all in the same week. ~ read into that what you may.~ Years on, when he could play enough to get by, and having just read "As I walked out one midsummer morning" by Laurie Lee, he headed south on a giro cheque and fetched up in Morocco, playing for pennies along the way. Prior to his first nsi showcase concert , most of his public performances had been carried out busking on the streets of England, Spain & Portugal. This was sometimes wonderful, & often heartbreaking, but it toughened him up & gave him his voice. After returning to England he worked as a gardener, labourer, & steel erector, and of course his old friend busking, when he needed to keep body & soul together. Through it all though, he has been writing love songs, songs of hope and occasionally songs of despair. He says 'Writing seems the wrong word somehow, as songs just evolve, using me for food & shelter'. Paul's first major solo gig was when he performed at the nsi showcase concert on weds 6th December 2000.

Claudine West 
Of the past, Claudine says ' I found others lack of commitment & faith in me as a performer in a male dominated environment non productive... in my opinion music has nothing to do with egos, or the sex of a performer. It's the final product that must and always will be one's vindication in such matters.' Claudine, who lists her influences as Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, R.E.M., B52's, Heather Nova plus anything & everything, has recorded many of her own original songs on C.D., some of which were recently featured on a fundraising compilation for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. An accomplished singer / songwriter & multi-instrumentalist regularly performs her own songs and accompanies others by playing drums and percussion at the The Lion, Basford, Nottingham. 


Roj (Whitham) is an accomplished musician who has played with many bands including Watershed, The Scream, Skin Limit Show, Champion the underdog, & The Beagles. He is now in the process of writing & recording his first solo album. Songs from this album are due to be performed at future nsi singer / songwriter showcase concerts and on both the UK & International tours. The date of his first major solo concert was the nsi showcase concert on weds 6th June 2001.

Stu Williams 

Stu, who has been playing guitar for about 25 years, considers his main influences to have been Woody Guthry, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Paul Weller and more recently David Gray. Many of his songs started out as poems and most of them contain stories (some of which relate directly to his own personel experiences).
Stu says 'I always like watching other song writers perform as you always hear a song that makes you think I wish I`d written that.'
Stu perfomed his first nsi showcase concert on tues 4th June 2002.

Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson (vocals & guitar) "Captain" Mick Wilson was born in 1958, is the proud owner of a life spanning more than forty years! and is an accomplished performer across the Midlands (musically speaking that is!). He's headlined many music events, and with his unique blend of thoughtful melody and rock passion he's been plauded by audiences across a broad spectrum (whatever that lot means!). His songwriting talents were recognised as early as 1991 when his song "Time & Emotion" was a finalist in an International songwriting competition for World AIDS Day. He's been the Chair of the East Midlands Contemporary Music Collective and advisor to the Rock and Pop committee of the East Midlands Arts Council (in other words---a flash git!). One of his greatest achievements though was in Iceland---he bought some fish fingers! Mick is undoubtedly a formidable vocalist and songwriter, everything from sentimental love songs---to welding steel!


Alan Windsor
Al Windsor writes songs which he offers to other artists. This has not always been his way, but, Al says "frankly, with a voice like mine this is far preferable than singing them myself. Besides, some of the songs have a definite female point of view, and singing falsetto seems silly". There have been productive and slack times since Al began composing in the late 1960's, and all sorts of styles and genres have been influential. There are dozens of songs on cassettes and on reels of tape but realistically, two or three good ones emerge each year. In the late 90's and in the new century, Al has begun to put his material on CD and send it to established artists, and though there have not yet been any breakthroughs, a nice collection of amazingly friendly and complimentary rejection letters, many of them handwritten, are carefully stored in the Al Windsor safety deposit box in an offshore bank..
Al perfomed his first nsi showcase concert on weds 6th December 2000.


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