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----- POSTPONED! -----
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the 5th nsi singer /songwriters open mic night
beginners & established performers
Free Entry for all!

solo performers & duos
come along & play your own songs
if you want to play, please turn up before 9.00pm
& put your name on the list!

(original material only / no covers)
nsi homepage & main menu
Julie May Barry Shaw Soul Monkey DaveTeledu Jonny Watkins & Clark Lupton Stu Williams
 Melissa Rebecca Dave Edwards & Greg Lovegrove Simon Kane & Joe Beagle Andy Victor Roj Mark Paulson Parker Airspace Dave Atkins 
Ricky Gee Rich Halma jonny watkins & clark lupton  (The Haze) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 richard & george mccranor (the like) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 dave edwards & greg lovegrove (the jon edwards collective) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 barry shaw performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 craig bartle & joe beagle (the beagles) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 dave atkins performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 ricky gee performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001

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nsi homepage & main menu