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The 1st of these events on weds 21st March 2001 proved so successful, in spite of snowbound transport problems and the 'foot & mouth' crisis, that we added a few more events for later on in the year.
to everyone who turns up to join our audience of people interested in hearing and/or performing original songs. This event is proving ever more popular & it is great to welcome back some old favourites, as well as having the opportunity to welcome some great new talent to this unique singer songwriters open mic event.
Photographs were taken (see below) & recordings were made for some of the artists who performed. If enough songwriters are interested NSI may consider producing a live compilation CD of performances recorded in 'The Spotlight'.
Why not turn up at the  & mingle with others interested in songwriting?

Songwriters & friends
Julie May, Barry Shaw, Soul Monkey, Dave Teledu - Jonny Watkins & Clark Lupton (The Haze), Stu Williams, Melissa (Serene), Rebecca, Dave Edwards & Greg Lovegrove (The Jon Edwards Collective), Simon Kane & Joe Beagle (Awful Racket), Andy Victor, Roj, Mark Paulson, Parker Airspace, Dave Atkins, Ricky Gee & Rich Halma - Jonny Watkins & Clark Lupton (The Haze), Richard & George McCranor (The Like), Dave Edwards & Greg Lovegrove (The Jon Edwards Collective), Barry Shaw, Craig Bartle & Joe Beagle (The Beagles), Dave Atkins, & Ricky Gee
Julie May  Barry Shaw
 Soul Monkey DaveTeledu Jonny Watkins & Clark Lupton
  Stu Williams  Melissa  Rebecca Dave Edwards & Greg Lovegrove
 Simon Kane & Joe Beagle Andy Victor Roj Mark Paulson
 Parker Airspace Dave Atkins Ricky Gee Rich Halma 
jonny watkins & clark lupton  (The Haze) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 richard & george mccranor (the like) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 dave edwards & greg lovegrove (the jon edwards collective) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001. barry shaw performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 craig bartle & joe beagle (the beagles) performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001  dave atkins performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001 ricky gee performing in 'the spotlight' - 21/3/2001

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