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nottingham songwriters international is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote and encourage singer/songwriters and the art of songwriting in Nottingham, UK by working with individuals and local, national and international organisations, charities, industry and media. promoting the performance (both live and/or recorded) of original songs by the original songwriters. using sounds, text and images and utilising state of the art information technology (including interactive CD-ROM and the world wide web). This website is intended to be used as a platform and /or a resource for songwriters and the art of songwriting in Nottingham,  UK. & has benefitted from a major overhaul to reflect the success and evolution of nsi and it's ongoing projects.

Please bear in mind we're a voluntary organisation and so all the executive committee members (including me) donate our skills, social time and personal resources to help keep nsi going. We endeavour to check the email and mail box every two weeks, but if we don't get back to you straight away, please don't imagine we can't be bothered or don't care. We do all have other lives to lead and are usually extremely busy.

Any accolades, constructive criticisms and offers of work, gigs, parties &/or free beer will be gratefully received. Any problems or issues with the site can be addressed if you email joe (that's me!) via -

Why not turn up at the  & mingle with others interested in songwriting?

© 2001 ...developed by Joe Parratt from the original website he conceived, designed & constructed for nottingham songwriters international in 1999. All Rights Are Reserved.