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Nottingham Songwriters International intend to release a CD album of songs on and around the theme of 'Robin Hood', and welcome contributions by local singer songwriters.

Joe Parratt, founder member & present secretary of NSI explained "We see this as a vehicle to promote Nottinghams heritage & most importantly the wealth of talent amongst local singer songwriters."

The search is on for new, established & aspiring singer songwriters who can write & perform their own songs solo without the aid of sequencers (e.g. drum machines) and who have written, or would like to write, a song on the theme of 'Robin Hood' to be included on the CD album.

Joe added "There is already a growing singer songwriter community & we would like to encourage anyone who wants to write their own songs. We believe this may be the extra incentive some people need."

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend one of the many NSI events regularly held in the city. NSI can also be contacted either through their highly acclaimed web site ( or through their email address (

NSI are a local voluntary not-for-profit organisation and continuing a tradition they established in 1999, they will hold their singer songwriter showcase concerts downstairs in The Old Vic, Nottingham on the 1st Tuesday of every 2nd month at 8.00pm.

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